Commemoration Of Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Institute Zibambo
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We are AIZ, a non-profit Association of the former students, teachers and leaders (headmasters) of a school called Zibambo Institute, located in Malemba - Nkulu, Katanga province, in democratic republic of the Congo.

This year 2014 marks the fifthiest anniversary of the school (50 years of existence). The school, which was the first viable one in an area of nearly 530000 inhabitants, is now in an advanced state of deterioration on both the infrastructure and the quality of education levels.

We want to take this opportunity to rehabilitate the school, to make it new and sustainable and to ensure that it may continue to provide quality education for many more years ahead. On this occasion, we are extending an invitation to the founder of the school, Mister Jean Bartiaux (retired priest); a Belgian citizen who is retired and living in Belgium in order to testify our gratitude and that of the surrounding villages on the occasion of this anniversary.

Brief information about the association, the institute and the commemoration project are accessible by clicking on the titles (pages) provided on the left hand side. As for the full and detailed document, it is accessible by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of the “CONTACT US” Page.

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