Commemoration Of Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Institute Zibambo
Helping to improve the quality of education.

The Alumni Association of the Institute Zibambo of Malemba-Nkulu, in acronym AIZ, is a non-profit association (NPO) regularly created and registered in Katanga, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo:

May 11, 2013:
Approval of the memorandum of association under the legal entity of a non-profit organisation (NPO).

Headquarters :
  • Social: Malemba City, within the confines of the school.
  • Administration: 2007 Ave. Msiri – Gambela, District of Lubumbashi - Katanga – DR Congo.

  • Authorisation of operation from the Provincial Government under the reference number: No 10 /002173/CAB/GP/KAT/2013 of 12/11/ 2013.
  • Approval from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights pending.

The Association is structured by four bodies of which the Steering Committee is chaired by a President who is assisted by two Vice –Presidents:


Metallurgical Engineer
Senior Executive of Mining Companies

Phones: +243997014044 / +243819974044
Email Addresses:

First Vice-President :
Professor Jean Marie LUNDA ILUNGA

Doctor of Science, Geology
Service of Engineering Geology and Hydrology
Administrative Secretary General of the University of Lubumbashi

Phone: +243997026669
Email Addresse:

Second Vice-President

Degree in Statistics: Technical Mathematics of Management.
Designer in development matters
Chartered Accountant

Phones: +243811613939 and +243998478653
Email Address:


The objectives of the association could be summarised as follow:

Immediate :

  • Raise awareness on the need of looking after the Zibambo Institute by the alumni and any sympathiser and "to revive” this school that served as a real trigger in opening up the intellectual potential of the Territory of Malemba Nkulu. The 50th anniversary of the Institute which will happen this year is a given opportunity to unite the energies of all around these objectives;
  • Seize the opportunity of this golden jubilee in order to fulfil a sacred duty, to make the first tribute to the founders of this work, some of which are still alive.

Medium and long term :

  • Helping to improve the quality of education provided by the Institute to that of the former years which was excellent compared to the current ones and to maintain its excellent quality through time.
  • Undertake an awareness campaign of the local population on the need to ensure quality education for children of both sexes. A special effort will be applied to change the attitudes of parents and girls vis-à-vis the education of the latter.