Commemoration Of Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Institute Zibambo
Helping to improve the quality of education.

Where to celebrate and why?

  • It is an opportunity to :
    • Assess its achievements of the mid-term in order to better face the future;
    • Write the history of the Institute;
    • To honour the founders, in particular Jean Bartiaux who lives in retirement in Belgium, and whom we wish to invite;
    • For immediate and long-term objectives already listed above.
  • The anniversary will be celebrated in Malemba, on the school premises, with the population we want to mobilize around those objectives. To do the celebration in any other place would reduce the commemoration to its sole festive dimension, which is not our wish.
How to celebrate?

Prerequisites that are needed.

It would be indecent and inconvenient to commemorate the establishment of the Institute in the state in which it is found today. The association therefore proposes to rehabilitate the school before the ceremony. The work/following achievements have been targeted:

  1. To erect a monument with the effigy of Jean Bartiaux;
  2. Rehabilitation of school buildings (3 blocks);
  3. Provide the school with school desks and benches or chairs for students.
  4. Fencing of the school’s compound.
  5. Build at least one classroom.
  6. Provide the school with clean water: well drilling and construction of a water tank supplied with water by means of a water pump.
  7. Build a toilet block
  8. Equip the school with teaching materials and a library.
  9. Provide the school with computers with access to the Internet.
  10. Build a multipurpose room: for conferences, for combined classes, for parties, or other cultural events

Estimated cost of the work and acquisitions

  • Construction of a new bloc: USD 60,000;
  • Rehabilitation of Block 2: USD 60,000;
  • Stabilization ( walls cracking) and rehabilitation of Block 3 with the veranda : USD 14,000;
  • Rehabilitation of Block 4 and enlargement of the veranda :USD 27,000;
  • Fenced enclosure in metallic mesh mounted of 440m long: USD 65,000;
  • Sanitary block consists of 3 cabinets + urinals for boys, two for girls and one for the teaching staff: USD 20,000;
  • Provide the school with twenty (20 ) desktops : USD 12,000;
  • Drilling of a well, installing a hydraulic pump powered by solar panels: USD 20,000;
  • 220 school desks with benches : USD 11,000;
  • Monument with the effigy of Jean Bartiaux (bust ): USD 2000;
  • Stele bearing the names of pioneers: USD 500;
  • Multipurpose room: Estimated cost USD 148,000.-

Approved Agenda

  • First phase: Campaign to raise funds from members and from benefactors both nationally and around the world
  • Second phase: Creation and development of the work schedule of the various committees:
    • Construction and Rehabilitation
    • Welcoming and accommodation
    • Logistics and planning for the festivities
    • Catering
    • Security
  • Third phase: Official launch of AIZ in Lubumbashi
  • Fourth phase: Official launch of AIZ in Malemba to announce the beginning of the Jubilee year,
    marked by:
    • Launch of rehabilitation works;
    • Launch of radio programs on local radios: awareness campaign, moral preparation, encouraging girls to schooling, etc.
    • Start of preparatory phase (playoffs) of students’ competitions, individually or in schools in different fields: sports, music, general knowledge, literature, technical, etc.
    • Launch of the preparation of other cultural events such as plays, skits, cultural animation, etc.
  • Budget of the festivities without the targeted achievement (first evaluation: USD39,700.00 – including approximately USD27,000.00 related to travel, stay and gifts for the Couple Jean Bartiaux

Total Budget for the Project and Commemoration

Of course, with regards to the rehabilitation, we will do what the fundraising campaign will allow us to do. But in the event that the targeted achievement could be attained, the celebration will cost
USD 445,000 + $39,700 = $485,200. 00 (Four Hundred and Eighty Five Thousands Two Hundred American Dollars)