Commemoration Of Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Institute Zibambo
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A wise man once wrote:
" When a human mouth articulates these simple words with a deep emotion: "Thank you! Thank you a thousand times!” Does it not have the resonance of a song of joy ? "

He continues by saying:
" ....... Gratitude is closely linked to joy; it is itself an expression of the purest joy. "

Distinguished Benefactors, Dear Madam, Dear Sir,
We are pleased to invite you to share our joy, which is to express our gratitude to the men and women who have allowed us to be educated, to be educated in creating the Orientation Cycle of Saint Paul Malemba Nkulu that has become now Zibambo Institute, gratitude that we would like to express on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the school in September 2014 and to which we are delighted to associate you intimately.

If you have read or when you read the content of the pages of our website, you will agree with us that we must first restore the school so that our sincere thank you or, in other words so that our joy may be complete. But you have also found that in order to do this, we will need to gather substantial financial resources that very unfortunately we cannot raise in any way by our own resources.
We know how difficult it is today for people who want to help others to respond positively to requests from individuals or associations unfamiliar like ours due to the multiplicity of embezzlement and fraud.

For our part, apart from the identification references of NPO (Non-Profit Organisation), its recognition by an official Bank and the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the coordinates location of the school, the headquarters of the association and its main leaders, apart from these data we have provided, WE ONLY HAVE OUR WORDS to convince you of our honesty and truthfulness of our words.

By your gesture, however small it is, whatever kind it is, we assure you that to our eyes, you will do the same, if not more than the founders of the school. In fact:

  1. Giving us the opportunity to say THANK YOU to the founders, you will also say Thank You together with us; you would have sung with us a song of joy! What a grace!

  2. In helping to rehabilitate the school, i.e. in helping to give new life to school, you will, by your gesture, allow hundreds of other boys and girls to access to education, source of all wealth for every human being. The joy of these boys and girls associated with their loved ones will be another joyful song, sung this time for YOU!

In case of a favourable response, we are suggesting a direct deposit payment, a wire or bank transfer for your cash contributions and handing over to our nominated agents all the in-kind donations with an acknowledgment of receipt by the AIZ.

For any assistance that we would be granted, we hereby pledge:
  • To use it wisely and only for the project;
  • To report to you on a monthly basis on the allocation of your contributions by certified accurate reporting;
  • To inform you regularly of the progress of preparations.

The guarantees to use your donation in a proper manner have been given. We suggest you to listen to your heart, the answer you give us then will infallibly be that our approach has earned, for that we say, "Thank you in advance! Thank you a thousand times!"

For the NPO "The Alumni of the Institute Zibambo"
Caesar NKULU MVULA Lwambiyi Kalenga

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Address / Address:1223 Av Lumumba - Lubumbashi - RDCONGO
Swift Code:TRMSCD3L
Account Numbers:1230-0160124-01-42 USD
1230-0160124-00-41 CDF (local transactions only)
Account Name:"Les Anciens de l’institut Zibambo"